RM 45

Caterpillars that smoke shishas are generally bad tempered. did you guys see the movie? i thought he was unnecessarily mean to alice. So here, we have a picture of Alice looking really displeased with the nasty Caterpillar. We used silkscreen and batik paints. Completely handpainted.

This is a close up of Alice. Isn't she such a pretty little girl? I loved the actress in the movie. she was such an amazing actress. I didn't expect her to be so good for a newcomer.

There you guys are, a close up of the artwork. The tank used in this picture is a size two (a uk8 could wear this). If you are a uk size 4-6, 8, 10, or 12, do let us know and we can make it in that size for you.

six tanks are available with this design. do let us know if you like.

1. Uk size 4-6 : sold
2. uk size 4-6 : available
3. uk size 8 : reserved
4. uk size 8 : available
5. uk size 10 : available
6. uk size 12 : available