Naughty Alice finds reading books without pictures a ridiculous thing, so when a White Rabbit comes along and surprises her with his strange attire and fancy looking pocket-watch, she chases after him and falls down, down, down the rabbit hole.
If you don't remember...I have no idea which version you've been watching...

RM 45

Chellius came up with an awesome image of a fearless, curious Alice as she took the long tumble in her stride. Which is to say very well indeed....

As she fell, Alice saw a great many things at the sides of the well, but we'll show you three. For now.

After her long, slow fall, Alice lands upon a heap of sticks and dry leaves and thus takes her first steps into Wonderland.

We have falling Alice in black and white too for any of you who'd love something a little...less colourful. On the outside.
We'll show you in our next post.

We have these in limited numbers so get in touch with us QUICK!

1. Uk size 4-6 : sold
2. Uk size 4-6 : sold
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4. Uk size 8 : available
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